The First 10 Days of a DUI

When those police lights were seen by you, you tensed up. When he asked one to step from the vehicle and do the field sobriety evaluations, you understood you were in trouble. Afterward came the closing humiliation, when they put you in the rear of the police car and handcuffed you.

But sadly, that evening was only the start of the nightmare. You have likely been tossing and turning a bit and asking questions like, in the event you are like the majority of people detained for an Orlando DUI:
“What am I going to tell my company once I want time off to attend court?”
“What is likely to take place if I must return to jail?”
You are not by yourself if this seems familiar.
Fortunately, I Have got the right news for you personally. I am able to assist you with all the responses to all your questions (including those you are scared to ask), and when we speak, I Will most likely have the ability to let you know that things are not nearly as awful as you believe.

Nevertheless, because these first 10 days following your arrest are essential, you must take actions promptly.  One of the ways this can be achieved is getting a Newton, NJ DUI Lawyer.

Yes, DUI cases CAN be won, by making critical errors these first couple of days following your arrest, although not if you inadvertently sabotage your case.

From the minute the police officer smelled alcohol in your breath, he started looking for signs supporting his premise which you were a drunk driver. Sadly for you personally, a one sided investigation generally dismisses any signs which may have revealed why you do not deserve a DUI conviction. That is why you should act now to maintain any signs that will help your case.

Luckily for you personally, you do not have to face this ordeal.

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